Our Store



Chandel Jewelers has been catering to a clientele from all over the country for over four decades. We genuinely love and appreciate our clients, and catering to their needs is our top priority. Personalized service is what we stress! People come to us because they trust us, in their words they say ;"there is no better place to buy jewelry," "I would never buy my jewelry anywhere else, period." "My parents bought their rings at Chandel's and I wanted to buy my rings there as well". "I just love the selection of unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else". " "Why would you shop anywhere else just look at this place, its gorgeous! 

Chandel's offers complete jewelry restoration and repair on all brands of jewelry and watches. We also provide a full array of Insurance appraisals and everyday evaluations.



Our newly renovated and expanded showroom is a beautiful sight and a one of kind experience. We have mixed modern flavors with a zen touch to create the ultimate in a warm, relaxed, shopping experience. Newly added designers Frank Reubel, Maria Cristina, and Frederick Duclos, join our other popular lines in the store.


We are a member of the worlds largest jewelry buying group, IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization). This affords us the opportunity to pool our financial resources with over one thousand other independently owned jewelry stores around the country and purchase merchandise at the most competitive prices available anywhere. This gives you the best pricing on some of the finest jewelry in the industry.


As a Certified Diamond Broker we cut out the middleman and travel to the Diamond Capital of the world, Antwerp, Belgium to bring back the worlds most exclusive and beautiful diamonds. Purchasing diamonds is an art form in itself and being able to buy them direct from the diamond cutters in the heart of the Diamond Capital saves you on all of your diamond purchases here at Chandel Jewelers

We invite you to stop in and say hello,and if you can't get to us we might just come see you. We consider ourselves to be your personal jeweler and we can always bring that special piece to you for that special occasion.